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Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

I have been a member here for over a year now and have NOT advertised it for almost 8 months. I received my latest commission last week! WOW! This really works and it CAN be passive income!!! I will start promoting this again NOW! Thank you, CCI

Great program - glad I joined the team - together we are growing fast thanks to CCI

Simply Amazing! CCI is a marketer's dream and the most exciting success plan I've every seen. I'm sure gald we locked in our position because this matrix is goung to set MAJOR reccords.

Jeremy Young
Lawrence KS

Simply Amazing! CCI is a marketer's dream and the most exciting success plan I've every seen. I'm sure glad we locked in our position because this matrix is going to set MAJOR records.

Ninfa Schellenberg

The simplest & yet fastest Money Making Business on the internet today.
i could not believe how easy it is for people to make money in this program. is very much real and rewarding. i believe it has come to help many come out of poverty in the near future. you can join me.

I was well surprised to open my email tonight and find out that I MADE MONEY ON LAUNCH DAY!!

Cash Club International will now be listed in my money makers along with The Ultimate Income Team

Thank You,
Charles Brown

Hi This is Bryan Hedges from Australia. I am proud to be one of the early members who assisted in helping to design CCI. At first glance many people may not see the power of this program.
But whatever you are promoting CCI can help you. Plus pay you an excellent commission as you promote. There is over a $2 million annual potential here. Make sure you get your share.

I am using CCI to promote $5 Money Bombs

And I have made CCI one of my Money bombs to explode members incomes.
Wishing you every success
Bryan Hedges

CCI is unique and promising because it is built by members for members so all its features are ideas and needs of all business and regular people.
It will succeed and we can rely on it.
Taste and Enjoy
Adel Elassy

Cash Club International is wonderful, you get paid for so many different activities. Plus, to be in the club cycler pays you, and you get to advertise your other money making programs, such as

Cash Club International is just plain unbelievable. I decided to try this and here's what happened !

Day 1 - Jan.13 I took the free tour.
Day 2 - Jan.14 I paid the $11.00 to upgrade and sponsored 2.
Day 3 - Jan.15. I got paid from those 2 and progressed to next level free.

Finally all obstacles have been removed to the point that anyone can work this and succeed.

Thanks CCI for all you do to make a positive difference!

Maurice Bernier
Owner: The Power Of One Income 4 Life

I love the way CCI is set up with the "little guy (and girl)" in mind and together we all have a solid, real chance to earn from an offering that was built to last and pay for a long time to come.

Horst Schellenberg

CCI makes it easy to earn. I just moved to the 2nd level and also I have reached payout very quickly as well . This is truly a awesome opportunity to be involved in . Thanks for making it so simple and fun too !

Hi, Denise Hayes here. CCI is one of the most incredible programs I have come across in a very long time. Well thought out by not one admin, but by a large group of network marketers that KNOW what works for the AVERAGE person!

ANYONE can start out earning an income online with this simple, easy to understand system.

I am truly blessed to be a part of CCI!

Thank you, Mike Peever, for allowing the people build this program for US!

Denise Hayes

I wish to thank Aggie Zimmerman for introducing me to CCI. I joined in Feb.15
and making money already. I am using this to promote my Ultamex business below.

Horst Schellenberg

I just joined, and I am overwhelmed by how nice this opportunity is! Wow! I'm already showing money in my stats, and I've only been a member for a few minutes! I'm loving all the advertising, too! This is DEFINITELY a sure winner here!

Paula Frye

hey i joined cci with a lot of fear that it was a scam but after earning and being in a position to withdraw my money am here confirming that its a good program i do encourage you to join.

to your success
simon mwangi

Listen Up Fellow Marketers!!

I do not write many testimonials, unless seriously warranted and this is definitely the case. Mike and his team have created a super special program here and not only is it worth the look, it is a must join. The cost is "spot on", the earning potential is great and the advertising rocks.

JOIN TODAY..Seriously!!

Russell Westwood

I'm loving CCI...

I've not long joined and made money already without lifting a finger. I'm part of the Cash Club Team - ULTIMATE team build.

Everyone that joins the team build gets 2 paid members placed beneath them so they cycle and earn money fast.


Because you can have multiple accounts existing CCI members are purchasing positions in our team build so newbies start earning quickly!

Cash Club Team build - Everyone Gets Paid HERE...

It's Real A Amazing Site.Thank You Admin

"Built By The Members, FOR The Members" can't get better than that!

CCI is a real breath of fresh air in an online world that is over-polluted with "Get Ripped Off Quick" programs. It's good to be a part of something that has my interests in mind for a change..and not just those of the admin..

I love the way CCI is set up with the "little guy (..and girl)" in mind..and together we all have a solid, real chance to earn from an offering that was built to last and pay for a long time to come.


I have been around networking for over 20 years and I have not seen anything that matches CCI.

I joined less than 24 hrs ago and I have already cycled and earned commissions.

Mel Hynes

I wish to thank Rick Matthews for introducing me to CCI. I joined when it launched, went about my business, and logged in later that day to find out that I had cycled AND got referrals. I am using this to promote my GlobalNPN business below.

Ed Obaseki

Rick Mathews here,
I so much appreciate and am honored to be teamed up with Denise Hayes, Bryan Hedges, Mike Nawoyski, Joe Zyskowski, Lowell Hoffman, Mike Peever and over 500 others in the Founding of CCI and I very much look forward to working with all of you for life.
Rick Mathews, Founder of The WealthSystem(TM), over 20 years in over 190 countries!
P.S. Don't forget XAGNetwork and my Business Plan 'XAG XTRA' posted on YouTube?



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